So This Is The 21st Century? Selling Your Virginity.


So This Is The 21st Century? Selling Your Virginity.

What a charming world we live in now, a world where heroes fall hard, respect has gone out the window and young women sell their virginity.

It's not new, in just the last few months I've seen stories of $3.9m, 1 million pounds and more, and this morning I picked up a story of a 20 year old student from Sydney who is offering her virginity for a starting bid of $160,000.

Somebody has developed a website for girls/women to auction virginity to the highest bidder from anywhere in the world and if we believe the stories there is a list of men eager to part with dollars, lots of them.

Here's the rub for me, if you will pardon an all too easy pun, despite a certain WTF factor these women are apparently completely in control of the transaction.

I do not come at this from a moralistic point of view, truth be told, it's none of my damned business what consenting adults do with their virginity or otherwise, I do however have some questions.

Is there a set of prerequisite characteristics the gal is looking for or would at least like, is there a date or 2, will there be any romance (there better be) and what if she regrets it afterwards?

When you look at the cold hard realities it's merely a business transaction, prostitution, yep, and yet to my mind it's a victimless act.

Even her Mum has said it's better she has control and gets something out of it rather than bed down with some guy who might do the deed and leave and never think about her again.

Fair point.

Here's something else to consider, a comment from the woman in question, “The first time is only something special because society teaches us that it is. If we grew up without any influence from others it maybe would be nothing special and therefore not taboo.”

Think about your "first time" could it have been better? Did you make a conscious decision of who it would be or was it a drunken fumble in the back of a panel van at the drive in?

Here's another thought in these equal opportunity times, what if it was a guy?

Such are the questions for the 21st centuryl.