Some Day We'll Look Back On This

....and it will all seem funny.

Some Day We'll Look Back On This

I certainly hope so anyway.......

Today from what I can see the steps towards marriage equality in Australia took another step. I think.

What a mess it's become.

"A plebiscite, nope, won't work, too expensive and unbinding.

Vote in the parliament, can we do that without the plebiscite, apparently not.

Don't care what the plebiscite says,it holds no water.

Have the plebiscite, spend the money, then have a vote in parliament, (is that binding, following the policy, allowing for politics?)

Do it or I will resign despite the party room voting to maintain the party policy."

I'm lost and possibly like you, totally bamboozled with how messy this whole issue has become.

Personally, I'd say, JUST DO IT.

I'm sure, just like the line from one of my favorite Springsteen songs, someday we'll look back on this......

Cliff Reeve