Sorry Nick, We're Not Breaking Up After All

A New Era?

 Sorry Nick, We're Not Breaking Up After All

In Australia we are quick to build up our heroes and icons in the making and even quicker to want to tear them down.

Such has been the case with one of the former "bad boys" of world tennis Nick Kyrgios who appears to have been taken to the collective bosom of Aussies after some classy action during the Aussie Open.

We've seen the tantrums, we've witnessed the apparent lack of regard for the game and indeed his talent and the press taking lob shots at him, that is changing.

I heard last night this has in part been the development of his own Foundation to help kids which has given him a new set of goals and a solid direction in life.

You can't hit a ball forever and so the work he is doing and what he's already done, under the radar we might add, will be something tangible that will last for many years to come.

Then there was last night.

Before the Dimitrov match, Kyrgios took to the court to hit a few balls with a young girl who suffers from leukemia and wanted to meet her hero. The same thing has apparently happened many times before.

After bowing out of the Aussie Open at the hands of one of his good mates, Nick took a long time at the net with Grigor Dimitrov to praise his game and to "believe" he could go all the way this year.

The Australian Open Tennis official twitter comment should be echoed by fans everywhere, "These are the moments that make our game great."

In defeat, Kyrgios was asked what it was like to be cheered off Rod Laver Arena after being jeered when he left the same court last year.

"Geez, I bloody deserved it [the applause]," he said with a grin.

Growing up is hard, doing it in the public eye must be torture.

All the best to you Nick.