Such Bravery From Perth Hockey Players

Will It Work?

Such Bravery From Perth Hockey Players

I'm not sure what one has to do with the other however it's done, now for the reaction.

And as you can imagine it's been swift and loud from some quarters. Most of it positive.

A group of Perth hockey players has stripped off for a photo shoot at the beach to highlight the issue of homophobia.

In a bid to help strip away this discrimination, Reid Smith from LGBTI+ inclusive hockey club the Perth Pythons have shot a nude calendar - and some of Australia's top hockey players have taken their kit off so they can grace the pages.

"This calendar, as part of the work we are doing at The Perth Pythons, is our contribution to making hockey a more inclusive sport. I hope it gives people the confidence to be their true selves, because that in turn enriches community groups like our sporting clubs." 

Like I say, I'm not really sure what it will achieve, however if 1 person can change their attitude the job will be considered done.

I have suggested a nude calendar featuring the Triple M on air team but at this point there has been little take up!

By the way, why brave? It was pretty cold when they did the shots.