This Is One Way To Make Your Point

Would You Do This?

This Is One Way To Make Your Point

You may have seen this image before, apparently it's been around for while, however I came across it for the first time this week.

And I love it.

I've been thinking about what ink I will get next and while I doubt I'll go for this, it won't fit the rest I'm afraid, I think if there's one way to know your feelings crystal clear, this is it.

Nothing vague and to the point.

We're told again and again to make our wishes known when it comes to organ donation, everybody should be on the register by the way so why not do the same for other issues.

By all means have the chat with family so the day you fall over the doctor doesn't give them a major surprise when they roll up your sleeve and nothing will be left unsaid or unknown.

What a brilliant idea!