This Will Break Your Heart

Stand Tall Little Man

This Will Break Your Heart

This is a video that's making an impact around the world today.

If you get to the end of this without a tear and a lump you must be a hard hearted soul.

This little fella is the reason anti bullying camaigns are so needed, the pain he's gone through is dreadful and may well be life long.

However the message has been picked up by some very, very big names and messages of support have been overwhelming.

People like Paul Stanley who was also bullyed at school, Perez Hilton, William Shatner, Tom Payne from the Walking Dead has invited him to the set, actor Ed Asner, wrestler Chris Jerico, actors Chris Evans and Mark Hamill have reached out inviting the little bloke to premiers of Star Wars and Avengers. Even Dr Phil!

A question remains however, where were the teachers and those in authority before Keaton reached this point?

Bullying is not acceptable and can make a person's life miserable.

If you don't believe that, watch the video again.