We Really Are Pretty Awful Drivers

And Our Cars Are Different Too

We Really Are Pretty Awful Drivers

There is no doubt that life in the South West is close to perfect.

We love the beaches, the usually safe atmosphere, the scenery is amazing and the people are nice.

And there are unique aspects of life in Bunbury and surrounds, from the forrests to the dairy country and everything in between it's a lifestyle we love.

And our cars are different too, you'll see them everyday.

It appears none of them have blinkers, and drivers are psychic!

Why do you need to bother telling other drivers where you're going on the roads, we'll just guess.

Turn wherever and whenever you want, don't hassle with turning on the flicker, if indeed your model of transport actually has them, and let's be honest, it's fantastic to offer the thrill to fellow travelers to guess where you're headed.

We are a very caring bunch.