We're Happy Little Vegemites

Prepare Your Australia Day Menu

We're Happy Little Vegemites

You know the song, in fact I bet you can hear it in your head right now, we've been Happy Little Vegemites for generations.

On the eve of Australia Day foodies and we mere mortals have been putting menus together for our big National Day and of course some of it contains the good stuff, Vegemite.

Not universally loved to be sure Vegemite is about as Australian and Hoges, footy and Dame Edna.

You can have your vege on toast in the morning, a vegemite cheese scroll, even a vegemite icy pole if you wish (not me though) and on the back of that I started thinking of foods that should NOT be associated with the black elixer.

1. My Mum's cheesecake

2. Pizza

3.Sherbet, especially orange flavour I'm told

4. Sponge cake

5. Any kind of breakfast cereal

6. Vegetables, though it may kill the awful taste of brussell sprouts

7. Custard

8. Fruit

9. Cheesels

10. Jarred from Triple M said he'd try Vegemite on ANYTHING for a laugh. He's strange.


Can you think of anything else?\

Happy Australia Day!