What a Fine Example For The Kids

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What a Fine Example For The Kids

I don't like the Eagles. There I said it.

I grew up, such that is was, on the south side of the river in Perth and followed East Freo forever and I was in Queensland when West Coast were formed, but back here when The Dockers started, ergo, Freeeeoooooooooooooooooo.

Tribalism is all well and good in sport and certainly nothing new however you have to wonder about some people who take it too far.

Such was the case yesterday after Derby 47 where some intellectual giant tried to set fire to a Freo jumper after the Eagles won the game.

It must also be acknowledged that this fool who I really hope is not waiting for his MENSA membership papers was heard yelling and swearing outside the stadium as kids and families were leaving the stadium.

And then he produced the jumper and tried to burn it. 

Now I have a couple of questions for this neanderthal.

Where and how did he get the jumper?

Did he take it with him just so he could pull off this stunt?

Did he steal it from some poor little kid?

What would he have done had Freo won the game, it hardly would have had the desired impact.

What exactly did this limpit think would be the reaction afterwards, from what I've seen and read from rationalal WCE fans even they consider him an embarrassment.

Given the whole episode though I doubt the brain capacity would be present to formulate any sort of argument or reason.

True blue BOOFHEAD.