When Is Enough Enough?

Just Be Happy With What You Get?

When Is Enough Enough?

Take a look at the pie chart and associated figures from the Bunbury Events Advisory Group and make up your own mind if Matt Ducas has a point when he believes the allocation of funding for events is lopsided.

Mr Ducas is not happy after the Food Truck Fiesta 5 on the weekend in Bunbury, and as the producer of the event has committed to FTF 6 in March and then, as he told me yesterday, "that will probably be it, done and dusted."

According to a Facebook post yesterday which has now garned a massive amount of feedback the Festival asked for a grant of $6000 and was granted $1500 to assist with road closures, safety etc.

Mr Ducas was a former member of the Events committee but resigned to avoid a perceived conflict of interest.

From the facebook post :

"To paraphrase a statement made to me by a senior member of the City of Bunbury staff .. "You should be happy with the grant awarded, the city of Bunbury events funding is not there to "prop up" existing and established events", and "So you think your event is somehow better and more deserving."

A look again at the chart shows events that have been running for, in some cases, decades and are still attracting people to Bunbury, and are still being granted buckets of money.

Bunbury Mayor Gary Brennan said yesterday afternoon when contacted by me "the Council assists events attracting people to the city, and these events have a flow on effect of bringing money into the economy."

Given that an estimate of crowds on Saturday night range from between 4 and 6000 people a question of balance is being asked.

Mr Ducas "wants to continue holding events in the City Of Bunbury, however other local authorities are very interested and have been more accepting of various ideas."

"I love this city but it's sometimes just too hard"

Mr Brennan told me "we do need to tell the community what the council is doing and why money is granted in certain areas. Communication could be better."


Councillor Monique Warnock, Chair of Bunbury Events Advisory Group was contacted for comment but at this time has not answered a message.