When The Binging Ends


When The Binging Ends

Last night we experienced a loss in our household.

In similar fashion to many homes across the country, for the last few weeks we've been binging on The Crown, an exquisite TV series of almost immesurable quality, it is in a word, sublime.

We came across it after getting up to date with Raymond Reddington on The Blacklist, next episode isn't until Feb 21, and Designated Survivor which won't update for weeks.

Being fans of Downton Abbey, The Crown was next up to the plate.

And herein lies the dilema, we've watched all 20 eps in the 2 series and NOW we have to wait unti 2019 for the next series!

There could be another super doopa moon thingy by the time we can find out what's next in store for The Queen and The Firm.


Seriously, don't these people realise what they've done to us?

So I'm after suggestions of what to get stuck into next.

Maybe it should be I'm A Celebrity. Yer right.

Leave your suggestions, but please, nothing I have to wait for 'til 2019 for.