Who Can It Be Now? Missed Calls Are A Hassle

What Could Be Worse?

Who Can It Be Now? Missed Calls Are A Hassle

Technology is not my friend again this week.

I have no idea how or why but this week something has changed in my phone and I no longer get notifications of missed calls or messages, and yes, I have tried every different setting I can think of.

One day I will look up the instructions however I am a bloke and I do not do directions!

Yesterday my best buddy rang to say "hey thanks for not ringing me back you numpty" we talk to each other in such a loving manner and I said I had not missed a call.

Well, apparently I had but he'll survive.

It got me thinking about what other calls you'd hate to miss so here are my thoughts, in no particular order.

What would make you panic more?

A missed call from your Mum or Dad?

Your best buddy?

Your partner?

The Boss?

The doctor's surgery?

Lotteries Commission?

I will fix it, somehow, however I'd love to know now which call would be more important to you?