Why Won't Anyone Take On Our Champ?

Cheeky Must Be Scary

Why Won't Anyone Take On Our Champ?

A few weeks ago I gave an update on Bunbury boxing champ Nathaniel "Cheeky" May who is on his way to the undercard for a huge boxing event, the Jeff Horn bout in Brisbane on Dec 13.

Seems Cheeky must be a far greater threat than we realized with his opponent Varel Simeon pulling out of the fight.

What has followed since then is a string of calls to find someone to take him on.

Intercontinental fighters in the top 10, nope, world ranked fighters would not tale the challenge either and word is Cheeky is on fire and far too dangerous to tackle.

Enter Aelio Mequita from Brazil who comes with a very strong record and plenty of hype.

I'll have more details when the official announcement is made this week.

Go get 'em Cheeks.