Wouldn't It be Nice To Do It All?

Life Gets In The Road Sometimes

Wouldn't It be Nice To Do It All?

I was looking over the calendar this morning and then thinking back over the past few weeks at the shows and events I've missed recently.

Work gets in the road, timing isn't right and then of course there's the biggie, MONEY !!!!!!!!!!!!!

In the past month I've missed Roger Waters, though I did see him a few years ago, Queen, Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars is coming as is Pink and I'll miss them too and I wasn't quick enough for tickets to see Barnesy in Bunbury last time and this time it's sold out again.

I've never seen Led Zeppelin or Fleetwood Mac, missed musicals like Miss Saigon and once had tickets to see Dame Edna when my car blew up half way from Kalgoorlie to the Regal Theatre.

I do however count myself as very fortunate in that I have a long list of shows and events I have been able to see, but it's had me wondering, who or what have you never seen and won't ever get the chance to now?

Bon Scott, Sinatra, Freddie Mercury, gee my list is getting bigger!