You Can't Trust Anyone Anymore

Or Maybe Do A Pinky Swear

You Can't Trust Anyone Anymore Photo credit, News Corp.

Oh dear, Karl and Peter Stefanovic are the centre of media attention today after details of a "private" conversation were leaked to the media.

From the get go let's all be honest and say we all bitch about work and co workers and those conversations are private between the people there, however as the old saying from all the way back in the 1600s goes, "the walls have ears"

It's not the first time conversations have been leaked, and it won't be the last. Recently a couple of White House lawyers were sitting at a steak house discussing discord in the Trump administration, right next door to a reporter from The New York Times!

Andrew Peacock was sprung on a mobile to Jeff Kennett have a vent. It did not end well.

Is it ethical to report private conversations, nope. Is it even legal to record without the participant's knowledge, no?

In the last few weeks I asked questions of someone in Bunbury based on a conversation overheard in a hair dressing salon, I certainly didn't report on it but the background was there.

The moral of the story?

If you want to have a conversation that would be difficult if it got out, do it with someone you trust, and not in public where it can be overheard.