You Gotta Keep It Real

Don't Ever Stop Thinking About Others

You Gotta Keep It Real

I'm back at work today after the dreaded lurgi gave me an almighty kick last week with this horrible cold and especially the cough laying me low.

Over the last few weeks it's been almost impossible to find the healthy person who either hasn't got it, getting it or getting over it and the cough seems to hang around, and then it comes back!

I don't do sick and I am the worst patient, grumpy, a real misery guts I'm afraid and I usually fight any treatments offered.

Something struck me on the weekend though with Mrs belted by the bug's return and sick all weekend.

We were both moaning and grumbling while all the time watching the coverage of the Thai cave rescue and suddenly it struck me, have we got anything to complain about, at all?

People are losing their minds over plastic shopping bags, others want to be offended by   every   s ingle   little   thing, in our little town there will be heated discussion about whether we need to pay for parking and yet I wonder if any of these people would give a passing thought about those kids.

Probably not.