You Have A Voice

Use It!

You Have A Voice

In the last 24 hours the Bunbury Mayoral race has gone to a new level with another Councillor putting a hand up for the top job in the second biggest city in WA.

Cr Betty McCleary wants to sit in the big chair from October, her husband Norm was a Bunbury Councillor some years ago and she has served the city for several years. She's spending a LOT of money on the campaign so must believe she can give it a red hot shake.

Last week the Dept Mayor, Brendan Kelly announced he too wants the top job after being deputy on 3 separate occasions.

There will be more coming before October and I say good on them.

The Council does not always get it right, the same as our parliamentarians sometimes make a mess, but at least they are willing to put up a hand and be accountable.

I am honored to have been asked previously, however my time is not yet right. 

There is however a couple of things that get RIGHT up my nose.

1. The regular letter writers to the papers who obviously have the answers for everything and yet we never see their names on a ballot paper.

2. Those who don't even bother to vote. Hundreds of thousands of people have died for our right to have a say, but that right is mocked and insulted when some can't even be bothered. 

If you don't vote, never let me hear you bitch about anything. Ever.

October will be here before we know it, take a moment to consider who you want sitting on Council.

Cliff Reeve