You'll Quiver With Antici.........................pation

The Dr Will See You Now

You'll Quiver With Antici.........................pation

When was the last time you talked about a movie remake and asked “why don’t they write something new?’

The same might be said of theatre, especially musical theatre with the Tony Awards even having a category for best remake.

Well get ready to do the Time Warp again because the Rocky Horror Show is going around again in 2018 and it’s just as much fun as it’s always been.

Showing for a limited season in Perth at Crown and on the back of some ugly controversy this new show is bawdy and riotous, however I can’t help wondering if the producers have wound some of the sleaze back a notch given the recent headlines.

WAAPA graduate Adam Rennie has stepped into Dr Frank N Furter’s stilettos and plays it loud and proud but less campy than I’ve seen before, however his voice, especially on Don’t Dream It, is divine.

There truly was a sense of anticipation before the Dr’s arrival and a feeling in the room of support for the local bloke who was thrown in at the deep end, and let’s face it, Rocky Horror pretty much lives or dies on Dr Frank N Furter. Here Adam Rennie is a big, shining star.

When you think about it you have to wonder how on earth this show ever made a dollar, let alone achieve cult status after all these years. The story is a hotch potch of tributes to Hammer Horror films, sci fi classics and every kitch musical tradition there ever was.

Remember also it evolved from the back of glam rock and the sexual ambiguities of the 70s, maybe Rocky Horror was that lightning in a bottle moment the world needed, and amen for that.

The Perth season has a special guest appearance by Richard O’Brien, Rocky Horror’s creator, as the Narrator and resplendent in a black velvet jacket he is a joy to behold, and the night finished with a touching moment of Rennie and O’Brien walking off stage arm in arm.

I made lots of other notes but you know what, they matter not one jot.

This is a terrific antidote for all the horrors of the world at the moment so put your dancing shoes on, prepare to sing every word and delight in the silliness of one of the greatest musicals of all time.

Lightning in a bottle…………………..