How Much Would You Pay For Hitler's Phone?

Any Amount Is Surely Too Much

How Much Would You Pay For Hitler's Phone?

There's two reasons for someone wanting to fork out so much money for a phone that was used by the world's worst ever person.

  1. Someone with far too much money and just loves collecting things
  2. Someone who wants to become an evil henchman down the track... like these guys...


Adolf Hitler's phone sold at an auction in the US for $US243,000 ($AU316,600) to an anonymous phone bidder.

Some background on the phone: It was recovered in his bunker in 1945 after being used by the Nazi leader to issue the bulk of his commands during the last couple of years of World War II.

According to the auction house, it is "arguably the most destructive 'weapon' of all time, which sent millions to their deaths around the world."

British officer Ralph Rayner recovered the phone and passed it down to his son, Ranulf, 82, who eventually put it up for sale.

Despite being chuffed the phone has had so much attention, he said he was hoping for a larger sum.

Then again, he told CNN "I certainly won't miss it. It's a fairly sinister bit of kit and I've always lived in fear of someone trying to steal it. I've also been told it'll bring me bad luck."

He also put up for auction a porcelain model of an Alsatian dog. It fetched $US24,300 ($AU31,660), because... well, why not?!