Tomic Trolled By The Cops

Tennis player bored during Wimbledon

Tomic Trolled By The Cops

Kudos WA Police for a post earlier today as they scout for more recruits.

For Bernard Tomic, he's the brunt of the joke, following comments made last night after he exited the first round of Wimbledon.

Despite calling it one of the biggest tournaments in the world, he wasn't up for the fight.

"You know I wasn't mentally and physically there, with my mental state to perform and I don't know why. But I felt a little bit bored out there to be completely honest with you. You know, I tried at the end and he managed to win that set 6-3 or 6-4, but it was too late."

- Bernard Tomic

Step up WA Police Facebook, who delivered this.


Some of the responses have been brutal, but hopefully it will sting some people into joining the force.