Let's Meet Al

"Keeping Dave on his toes"

Let's Meet Al
Mum of four, Al Plath couldn’t be happier to be in Hobart chasing her dream of a breakfast team radio job.

The Dave Noonan Show co-host tells us about life in Tassie ...

“I really feel as if I’ve won ‘co-host lotto’ landing this gig with Dave. He’s super lovely, caring and a generous soul who really makes me laugh. He’s a bona fida Hobart legend and such a pro behind the mic. Please don’t tell him I said that, I’ll never ever hear the end of it.”

Al has three brothers in her home state of Qld who she says she has to thank for her competitive nature and never wanting to be outdone by the boys.

“Pretty much every weekend and every day after school consisted of my brother’s and I attempting to defeat each other in any and every way possible. It was brutal……I miss those days.”

No doubt this competitive nature helped Al in making it to Australian representative honours in her chosen sport of touch footy.

“Touch has been such a massive part of my life. I honestly don’t know who or where I’d be if I hadn’t played touch. So much of that world for me revolves around the friendships and experiences I’ve had with both teammates and opponents. Sport is a lifestyle for me, not just a form of exercise. You can leave the exercise to Dave who has been supremely annoying in dragging my butt to the gym!!! Can’t a girl retire??”

So what do you think of Hobart?

“I honestly cannot believe how quickly I’ve felt at home here. Right from the first day walking around the city centre, I really noticed just how much people engage with you. They genuinely make an effort to look you in the eye and say “hi”. It’s so lovely for a human being obsessed person like me. My husband always makes fun of me for what terms ‘recruiting random people’ into my world all the time, but that’s just how I roll. I love people and connecting with them, love hearing their stories. Yes, even Dave’s.”

So who have you ‘recruited’??

“Ummmm……actually, how long have you got?  My lovely landlord and my neighbor Sean, Just Jeans Jemma, Chris the keyman,  Lisa from Lorna Jane - if only I had a Liv from Liv Eat, I love that place!! Who else…..there’s Helen from Sussan, Marg and Nick and their schnauzer nugget, Jacinta from Norris hair supplies and the entire staff of Rebel@heart hair studio….special mention to my new hairdresser Benny who is absolutely liquid gold. Oh, and the entire Phantoms Touch Footy club at Wentworth Park, love them. Currently I’m sitting at about a 1.5 strangers per day strike rate. I can feel my husband rolling his eyes as I speak!!”

Have you been to Tassie before?

My mum and I brought my Gran down here for her 90th birthday 11 years ago and had a week travelling around Tassie. My Great Great Grandfather was a Corporal at Port Arthur from 1856 - 1863, and Gran really wanted to visit the site. We crammed a lot into that week driving all over, Tassie is one word, breathtaking. It was such a fantastic trip and the diary she kept of our holiday here in Tassie is a really special keepsake. Coincidentally, the very first time Dave and I spoke on the phone last year, was 11 years to the day when my Gran, Mum and I flew home from Hobart. I think that’s really freaky, Dave thinks I’m weird for going on about it, so of course I keep going on about it.”

What are you hoping to bring to The Dave Noonan Show for 2017?

“Well apart from bringing a ridiculous amount of stuff into the studio everyday, I’m doing my best to keep Dave on his toes, but also have a great time with my new curly haired playmate. What else will I bring?? Well, I’m obsessed with condiments…..I’ve already bought Honk mustard from the Farm Gate Markets and chilli chutney from New Norfolk!! Sorry Dave, no marinated tofu.”