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Paralympic Games Michael Milton

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Michael Milton lost his left leg to bone cancer when he was nine. Skiing on his right leg, Milton won four gold medals at the Salt Lake Winter Paralympic Games, a feat which led to him being named the Laureus World Sportsperson of the Year with a Disability.

He had previously won gold at the Albertville (1992) and Lillehammer (1994) Winter Paralympic Games. He would finish his career with six gold, three silver and two bronze medals from five Paralympic Games (1988–1994, 2002–2006). He won 11 medals at world championships, six of them gold.

Michael is in Tasmania this week riding on The Steve Waugh Foundation Captain's Ride, where he spoke with Triple M's Dave & Al on The Dave Noonan Show for breakfast. 

Michael’s an incredible Australian Olympian and as tough as this Ride is, this is Michael’s second year with the Captain's Ride and he mixes it with the best, finishing with the best riders, never stops, and is a total inspiration and example to everyone on the Ride.


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