Aaron Finch Criticises South Africa Over Sledging Stoush

'A few that give it out then run'

Aaron Finch Criticises South Africa Over Sledging Stoush Image: Triple M Melbourne

Aaron Finch has criticised South Africa’s part in the highly publicised sledging stoush between David Warner and Quinton de Kock.

Tensions boiled over at tea on the fourth day of the first Test when de Kock allegedly made a highly personal comment to Warner.

Finchy appeared on Triple M Melbourne’s Dead Set Legends with Leigh Montagna and Jay Clark and said that South Africa can dish it out but not take it.

Listen to Finchy discuss the sledging in South Africa here:


“We’re known for being an aggressive team, but Davey Warner, I’ve heard him cop everything under the sun and I’ve never heard him whinge about it once, I’ve never heard him complain about it,” Finchy said.

“When he has gone close to the line in the past, he’s never shirked away from that, he’s always owned up to it.

“He’s sat in front of the media and said yep, you know what I said was either defending my family, like he did in this last one.

“But I think a lot of other teams, I think South Africa are one of those sides that dish out a little bit then they’re the first to run and cry poor at the match officials or their team management… there are a few that give it out and then run to the authorities after that.”

Finchy said that the ill-feeling between the Aussies and South Africans is real.

“I think it’s been running for a while,” Finch said.

“We heard about the last Test series that South Africa played here in Australia, it was very aggressive.

“The one before, where Australia had an unbelievable come from behind win in the last Test in Cape Town to seal the series, that was on for young and old from ball one of the Test so I think the guys that have been around for the last couple of series, there’s a real — I wouldn’t say hatred because I think there’s a genuine respect for the way both teams play — [but] there’s a lot of heat and a lot of build up over the last couple of series that sits and bubbles away under the surface for a while.”