Joey Montagna’s Hilarious Story About The Time Justin Koschitzke Dropped A TV On His Own Face

Classic stitch up

Joey Montagna’s Hilarious Story About The Time Justin Koschitzke Dropped A TV On His Own Face Image: Getty/Flickr

The problem with having mates who are on radio shows is that they can stitch you up on air.

Triple M’s Joey Montagna used to live with former Saints teammate Justin Koschitzke, and was well placed to dish out some dirt when the big fella came on Joey and Jay Clark’s show Dead Set Legends on Saturday.

One story he told was the time Kosi managed to drop a TV on his own face when moving it.

It left Kosi with a black eye and a story that people still don’t believe to this day.

Listen to Joey's story here:

“One time we got a new TV, and we thought it would be perfect to put the old TV on the back deck, so we could sit out on the back deck and have a beer and watch the cricket and the footy and everything else,” Joey said.

“So we tried to move the TV up on to the ledge on the back deck… we were trying to get up there and Kosi decided to stand on a pot plant to put the TV up.

“And of course the pot plant, he’s got a hundred kilos there, the pot plant gave way, and the TV’s fallen and cut his eye, split his head, gave him a big black eye… and when he tried to explain to the boys ‘a TV fell on my head’, do you reckon they bought that?

“None of his teammates could buy the fact that a TV could fall on someone’s head.”

Kosi said he copped it mercilessly.

“[I rung] the club doctor, ‘hey doc, I need a bit of a stitch up’,” Kosi said.

“Doc’s just gone ‘where have you been, what have you done?’

“So we rock into the rooms the next morning, I’ve got six or eight stitches in my eyebrow and the boys just start losing it.

“They’ve gone ‘surely not! On a Thursday night mate, where have you been?’”

To this day, Kosi reckons the boys don’t believe him — and Joey is happy to keep the stitch up going.

“We’ll all catch up for a beer now, six beers in someone will go ‘come on, tell us what happened with the TV’, and Joey just laughs. He goes ‘oh I dunno’.”