Leigh Montagna: St Kilda Players Need To Have Challenging Conversations

'It's a mindset thing.'

Leigh Montagna: St Kilda Players Need To Have Challenging Conversations Image: Getty

Triple M's Joey Montagna says St Kilda's loss to North Melbourne was a "mindset thing" and says the players need to have some "challenging conversations" with each other.


The Saints slumped to a disappointing loss to the Kangaroos on Good Friday, kicking just five goals for the game and going down by 52 points.

Montagna was quizzed about what happened, telling Triple M's Dead Set Legends the players need to start challenging each other about what they want to achieve.

“It means it's mental. It means it's a mindset thing,” he said.

"I would like the players to have some challenging conversations with themselves. 

"The coaches will do their diligence...but in regards to the mindset and the mentality and what the players actually want to achieve, they need to have that themselves. They need to have some hard conversations with each other and it’s got to be led by the leaders.

"That’s where, if Nick and I were still there, what we’d try and do and did in the past is have those conversations and try and get something those boys can hold on to...some accountability."

Montagna did back in Jarryn Geary as a leader, but said the players had a few things to figure out.

"There’s still too many inconsistent performances, for mine, with too many individual players in the team," he said.

"Hopefully 'Richo' finds something this week to get the boys up and going, but not only get them up and going for a week or two, it’s got to be something they can sustain, because it’s been a too familiar theme for St Kilda over the last few years."