How Will The Upcoming Council Elections Affect You?

Are you nominating?

How Will The Upcoming Council Elections Affect You? City of Mount Gambier

The state of South Australia is getting ready for upcoming council elections, which means councils are in caretaker mode.

This morning Ewan spoke to Mt Gambier Council CEO Mark McShane about just what that means for our community.

According to Mark, caretaker mode is a process councils are required to do under legislation from the state government, in which there are some limits on what councils can do over the period just prior to the election.

Have a listen to Ewan's chat with Mark to learn more about the elections, and the role of a council member.


Nominations opened last Tuesday, and will continue until mid-next week on the council website.

Mark encouraged nominees to think about how they might contribute to the community.

I think you talk to any of the current [councillors] and it's getting more complex as our lives and communities get more complex... the role has definitely changed in my time.

- Mark McShane

Let us know what changes you'd like to see made by council!