Meet The Mayoral Candidates For Wattle Range!

Leading into the elections

Meet The Mayoral Candidates For Wattle Range!

Council elections are underway, including our very own Mayoral Elections in Wattle Range. 

Ewan decided to speak to some of our candidates to learn a little more about them and their vision for our community. So keep scrolling to hear from some of our Mayoral Candidates!

Mayoral Candidate for Wattle Range Dennis Muhovics

Dennis joined Ewan this morning to talk about the issues he aims to address should he be elected as mayor, including the Penola Bypass, and why he'd be a good choice for Mayor. 

There's several issues (in the community)... I think the most important one is the Penola Bypass. That has caused significant concern within the community for a long time.

- Dennis Muhovics

Listen to Ewan's chat with Dennis below... 


Mayoral Candidate for Wattle Range Des Noll

Des is a retired police officer who has lived in Wattle Range for 34 years. This morning he talked to Ewan about why the role of Mayor is important to him, and the things he would focus on if elected. One of these things is supporting local businesses:

Supporting local businesses is extremely important, because that's where local employment is going to grow.

- Des Noll

Listen to Ewan's chat with Des below...


We can't wait to find out who the new Mayor of Wattle Range will be! What changes would you like to see happen following the elections?