Jars & Louie's 5 Firsts With Sloaney

Reckon you know Rory?

Jars & Louie's 5 Firsts With Sloaney
Jars and Louie caught up with Sloaney to find out some more personal facts about him!

#1 - First Kiss

Rory revealed that his first kiss was during Year 7 to a girl named Ash.

Louie: “Was there a bit of French about it?”

But Rory doesn’t recall there was, or not from him anyway “I had no idea what I was doing.”

#2 - First Real Fight

Jars and Louie were keen to see if Rory had been in many fights besides punch ups with siblings.

Rory: “Never been in a real fight, everyone’s too scared to get in a fight with me. [I’m] a lover not a fighter.”

#3 - First Car

Although Rory says he “looked for an EH wagon for a long time”, his first car was a silver Holden wagon.

#4 - First Album

Rory reckons, “one of the first one’s I can remember, it was a Pnau Album – the main song on it was Embrace.”

But Rory continues to say, “you guys are reptiles, you wouldn’t of heard of these.”

Another album Rory did love was “passed down through my old man. Neil Young Live at Massey Hall – that was a classic!”

#5 - First Job

When Rory was younger, he did the paper rounds.

But coaching tennis was his first real job and he says he “absolutely loved it.”

Rory reckons he’d go back to tennis coaching “if anyone needs a little helping hand sometime or a lesson, just let me know.”

Is this an invite for anyone to take up his coaching?

Rory: “I can teach you how to serve, volley and forehand and that’s it, no backhand.”

- Brad Saegenschnitter