Andrew Fagan: Charlie Cameron Changed His Mind About A Trade The Day Before The Deadline

'The bottom line is...'

Andrew Fagan: Charlie Cameron Changed His Mind About A Trade The Day Before The Deadline (Image: Getty)

Adelaide chief executive Andrew Fagan says Charlie Cameron was initially prepared to see out his contract at the Crows, but changed his mind less than 24 hours before the trade period closed.

Cameron completed a trade to Brisbane moments before this year’s trade deadline closed, with Adelaide receiving pick 12 in return.

Triple M’s Andrew Jarman had previously said during the trade period Cameron’s position had changed after a discussion with coach Don Pyke, and that he was prepared to remain at the Crows.

“What the hell happened? Did I get that information wrong?” Jars said.

Fagan confirmed the news, saying Cameron was ready to “commit 100 per cent” to Adelaide in 2018.

“That’s correct,” he told Triple M’s Rush Hour with Jars and Louie.

“The bottom line is Charlie wasn’t going to go, and we had no intention of letting him go. He was important to us for next season and there’d been a variety of conversations that he’d had with the coach he’d committed to us that he understood that he was under contract.

"He wished to go, but he also understood that unless we could get the balance in the group that we felt we were going to improve as a footy club then it was unlikely we were going to let him go, and he promised to commit 100 per cent to the team and he’d be playing his best. That was the understanding.

“Coupled with that was the fact that Brisbane had put value on the table which we didn’t think was sufficient incentive to have us change our mind."

Cameron, however, changed his mind on the Wednesday night, telling Fagan he wasn’t sure he could commit to seeing out his Adelaide contract.

"On Wednesday night we were actually finalising the Bryce Gibbs trade on a teleconference with our list management group - Mark Ricciuto, Pykey, myself, Justin Reid, Brett Burton," Fagan told Triple M.

"That night there were some text messages that were coming through from Charlie, his position had changed a little bit, he was feeling uncomfortable about staying.

"He said ‘I know I’ve said what I’ve said, but I’m not sure I can commit’.

"We took that on board…up until that point there was absolutely no way he was going to go."