Andrew Jarman Wants To Get Rid Of The Bounce

"It’s gotta go"

Andrew Jarman Wants To Get Rid Of The Bounce Image: Getty

Andrew Jarman thinks that the AFL should can the umpire’s bounce after a series of recalls over the weekend.

Speaking on The Rush Hour in Adelaide, Jars said that the players didn’t like the halt in play and that it stuffed up the momentum of the game.

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“I know it’s part of our great game and it’s been around for a hundred off years, but it’s gotta go,” Jars said.

“Too many recalls yesterday in the Port Eagles game, it was uncomfortable to watch, and we lose momentum, and you could see the frustration from the player throwing the ball back to the umpire saying ‘come on ump, get it right’.”

Dale Lewis agreed.

“Had we bitten the bullet [and gotten rid of the bounce], in six weeks time no would be even mentioning it,” Louie said.

“And when finals roll around where that’s the sentiment we’re hanging on to, it wouldn’t be an issue.”

Jars and Louie also discussed Gary Ablett’s hamstring, the draw, Nat Fyfe’s post-match interview, Luke Shuey’s technique when getting tackled, footy in Tassie and more.

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