BT's On Scott Pendlebury: "Mate You’ve Got A Job, You Play Footy"

"Don’t put yourself up for selection."

BT's On Scott Pendlebury: "Mate You’ve Got A Job, You Play Footy"

There's a bit of heated discussion around Scott Pendlebury.

Scotty's prepared leave his game at half time, and fly back to Melbourne to be there for the birth of his child.

People have been asking, why would Nathan Buckley pick him in the first place?

The boys spoke to Brian Taylor and asked him, "do you agree with this? What’s the protocol?"

BT: “Scotty! You’re a professional footballer mate! What happens between the months of March and September, mate you’ve got a job, you play footy.

Number 1, you can plan around it a little bit. If you want to."

Louie: "Hard to control sometimes Brian!"

BT: "And if you don’t want control things and you want to have a baby during the footy season, that’s alright too!

There’s other ways of doing it.

My wife had 4 kids, and we didn’t plan any of them. When it got close to birth, they induced her!

Come on Scotty. If you get picked in the game and you wanna go home half way through the game, you’re kidding yourself."

Louie: "I brought a rule up before, that the player’s contract should have in it, that it’s a no fly zone between Jan and June. Because you back track from a Grand Final and you back track 9 months from there.

We all know how it works! There’s a go zone when you can go and then a no go zone!"

BT: "Then just don’t play on the day! Don’t put yourself up for selection. People will call me an old dinosaur. My personal opinion is you still play!

On the birth of his own children, BT said: "the very first one I went into hospital, and I said 'ooo what’s going on in here?!'

And there was a one-dayer on at the time and I said I just have to catch the score…. and the nurse said, 'would you like some salmon and canapés?'

And I said, 'Yes! Bring those in as well…'

By the time the one-dater finished, my wife had given birth!"

Classic BT!