Daniel Talia Explains Adelaide's Pre-Game Stare Down

'It's funny...'

Daniel Talia Explains Adelaide's Pre-Game Stare Down (Image: Getty)

Adelaide defender Daniel Talia believes there "wasn't anything in particular" in their pre-game stare down during the anthem last night.

A few keen observers made note of Adelaide's stance during the anthem, in which they didn't stand with their arms linked, and instead stood and stared at the Giants, even beyond the end of the anthem.

But Talia, speaking to Triple M's Rush Hour with Jars and Louie, doesn't think there was too much about it.

“It wasn’t anything in particular, we just didn’t want to stand with our arms around us,” he said.

“We thought standing there in the same position, we weren’t trying to intimidate or anything, but we just thought we looked a bit stronger, so we went with that.

“It's funny, everyone’s saying we came in with this plan, but it’s just the way we stood, to be honest."