Kochie Threatens The Suns Over China Jumper Debate

Suns refusing to back down

Kochie Threatens The Suns Over China Jumper Debate

Port Adelaide president David Koch has told Gold Coast Suns if they wear red-and-gold jumpers in their match in Shanghai it will be the last time they are invited to China.

The Suns have refused to back down from wearing their home jumper of red-and-gold, which are also China's national colours, when the teams square off on May 14 in the first AFL match to take place in the country.

"The AFL is going to have to rule on it because it's distracting from the absolute historic event that this China game is all about," David Koch said. 

While the Suns are listed as the home team, Koch said Power has paid them $500,000 for all rights to the game as if they are the home club.

"Gold Coast is playing silly buggers," he said.

"We're the club leading the AFL into China, we have bought this game and paid good money for it, we're the ones that are committed for the next 10 years to play a game in China each year."

Tredders joined Jars & Louie on The Rush Hour, this afternoon to discuss.

Jars reckons "just win the game! Even if you’re wearing singlets! No one gives a STUFF if it’s a commercial deal!"

But Tredders argued his point, saying "it’s the Chinese colours. That’s what it’s about, Jars."

Louie added, "they want to win China over and if they’re not in their colours, and the first port of call is to the Gold Coast Suns unless you’re colour blind."

Tredders finished with: "It’s like the Australia cricket team coming in and wearing blue and the Poms wearing green and gold. How we gonna go?

The problem here is, Port has purchased the game off them for about $500,000, so then they can dictate the terms. Which I understand."

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Listen to the whole chat here:

Last week Gold Coast chairman Cochrane said there is no written agreement about which jumpers the teams will wear, and dismissed Koch's ultimatum.

"The AFL -- not Koch -- has full responsibility for the league calendar," he told The Advertiser.

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