Lleyton Hewitt's Message For Bernard Tomic

'He’s got to find that passion.'

Lleyton Hewitt's Message For Bernard Tomic (Image: Getty)

Lleyton Hewitt says Bernard Tomic needs to find the "passion" to play tennis, and still has the tools to become a top player.

Tomic has dropped down to 146th in the rankings after a disappointing year, telling the media he was "bored" with tennis.

He has opted to sit out of the Davis Cup, of which Hewitt is currently captain.

However, Hewitt told the Rush Hour with Jars and Louie Tomic still has his support.

"He’s had a pretty tough year," he said.

“For him he’s got to find where that passion is to play the game again. There’s not much point going out there and just going through the motions, so he has to find out what he wants to get out of the sport, and that comes from within.

"Once he finds that, he still has the capabilities to be a top player, he’s got a great game style that’s a lot different to most players out there, but he’s certainly got to work a bit harder."

Hewitt told the boys there's no animosity between Tomic and the coaches.

"I sat down with him in New York with a couple of the other Tennis Australia coaches," he said.

"We have a great relaitionship with Bernie. He’s not a bad guy at all, he’s actually played some really good Davis Cup matches and really enjoys being part of the team."