Should The Clipsal Move Out To Tailem Bend?

Would it make it better?

Should The Clipsal Move Out To Tailem Bend?

Do you reckon the Clipsal should be moved out to Tailem Bend? 

Apparently it has had the worst crowd numbers in over 12 years. Some blame this on ticket prices, some blame the lack of utes and the lack of big names at the concerts. 

Here's what Louie reckons: “Clipsal’s not as much bang for your buck as the old days, no grid girls, Sunday concert, more expensive tickets… But I think we can save it and make everyone happy.

The Bend, Tailem Bend is where were going – we’re going to take it out of town to keep the East-enders happy, and we make it like a migration like Bathurst!

We go out and camp, take swags, motorised eski’s and couches and live like mountain men and women for 4 days!”

Our twitter poll showed that over 70% of people don’t agree with Louie’s camping idea!


One caller mentioned - “I wouldn’t mind travelling to Tailem Bend, I’ve been to Bathurst and I know what it’s like!”

Another said: “Louie, you’ve got me sold – I don’t like motorsport, but you’ve got me excited!”

“When the weather gets hot it is hell out there – no great for spectators, why do people in the Eastern suburbs think they own the parklands!”

Another comment was: “It’s fantastic – but why can’t they have both!?”

Listen to the whole rave here: