The Redbacks’ Duck Club Front Up To Jars & Louie

They're NOT going to let this slide!

The Redbacks’ Duck Club Front Up To Jars & Louie

After a 10-wicket haul, a 187-run partnership and a crucial win heading into the pointy end of the season, The Redbacks were out at the oval, enjoying a couple of froths.

However, 5 ducks in SA’s first innings, and the boys were NOT going to let it slide!

The phone got passed around to The Redbacks' Duck Club and here's what they had to say to Jars & Louie:

Sayers: “You just get a good ball first up, sometimes you miss 'em!... I thought you we’re getting me on because I got 50 wickets this year!”

Carey: “Sorry boys, it was a pretty good nut and I hit it straight to cover... I'll keep the phone moving!”

Next up on the phone, Zamps: “The most important thing was my blow-up in the change rooms afterwards!”

We've got the whole side here, next on was Ferguson: “It’s been a few too entries into the Duck Club the last few weeks! I've got a big apology to make, I'm really not happy with that duck in the first innings.”

Last, but not least, Head: “Georgie’s got me an out a few times now, back in the duck club!”

Good luck to the boys for the remainder of the year.

Listen to the whole chat to the team here: