Tredders Has Some RIPPER News For Port Fans

They’ve been quiet this year so far!

Tredders Has Some RIPPER News For Port Fans

Where’s Travis Boak at? He didn’t have the best year last year, and it just wasn’t the Travis Boak we’ve come to know and love.


A ’You Can Quote Me On That’ moment from Tredders: “He WILL have a career best year.”

So what’s he done to turn it around?

No knee injury to carry, he’s done the full pre-season, looks ridiculously fit AND they’ve employed someone to support him in the off season. A leadership person, approached the footy club and said “I want to work with your group, I see them right for picking".

"Trav took on took much last year. He wasn’t bad, he just wasn’t what we knew."

Tredders spoke to Trav the other night and the words were: “I’ve never been so excited”.

“He is ripping it to shreds.”

Chad Wingard is also apparently on FIRE. 

Listen to the whole chat with Tredders here: