Warren Tredrea Responds To Mark Williams' Comments On Jack Watts

'A bit premature.'

Warren Tredrea Responds To Mark Williams' Comments On Jack Watts (Image: Getty)

Triple M's Warren Tredrea has told former coach Mark Williams to "bite your tongue" when talking about new Port Adelaide recruit Jack Watts.

Williams told SEN that he thought Watts might be "too nice" and warned him about the spotlight of playing footy in Adelaide and in a two-team town.

Tredrea thought the talk was premature.

"I just say bite your tongue a little bit here, Choc," he said on Triple M's Rush Hour with Jars and Louie.

"Footy clubs are made up of a lot of different people. Some are outside, some are inconsistent, some are consistent, some are kamikaze tough, some are superstars.

"But what you do find is some days, the players that are seen as outside or not tough or too nice are the ones that win you games of football. Some who aren't as professional as others are the ones that deliver on the biggest stage."

Tredrea doesn't think it's right to judge the new Adelaide recruits before they get out on the field.

"I think it's a bit premature," he said.

"I think it's a good example to go Jack Watts, (Bryce) Gibbs, (Steven) Motlop, (Sam) Gibson, (Tom) Rockliff and anyone else that comes into this state, let's actually judge them for what they do on the footy field this year, not have preconceived ideas - oh, he doesn't give us enough speed like Charlie Cameron or geez, we could have done with Aaron Young and they've put too much money into Motlop. 

"Let's actually judge them for what they do and what they bring, not what they don't bring."