Who Is The Favourite Son Of Pykey (SOP)?

Which Crow does Don love the most?

Who Is The Favourite Son Of Pykey (SOP)?

Jars & Louie has Don Pyke on the show this week, and decided to get to the bottom of some rumours flying around the club. 

Who's The Son Of Pykey or 'SOP'?

The boys asked Don, "have you got a son?"

He replied, "I haven’t heard I’ve got a son. I think the boys would suggest I have a soft spot for Rory Sloane. You love em all! It’s like your kids… you love them all equal!”

The boys then had Rory Sloane on to see how he feels about Don Pyke favouring him.

Have a listen to what Sloaney had to say:

Jars: "You’re the coaches pet."

Sloane: "Is that a bad thing?"

Jars: "I never liked the coach’s pet."

Sloane: "I just play for the coach mate…"

Jars: "No you play for your team and your jumper!"

Sloane: "Yeah, he’s part of the team!"

Getting a bit defensive there Sloaney! Turns out he evens goes over to the coach's house for dinner!