The Nude Lunch Founder Trudy Crowley Loses Fight With Ovarian Cancer

A truly inspirational woman

The Nude Lunch Founder Trudy Crowley Loses Fight With Ovarian Cancer

Trudy Crowley, the brains behind The Nude Lunch, has sadly passed away from ovarian cancer.

Trudy was an inspiration to many and was the driving force behind the charity fundraising luncheon committed to making a change to those fighting ovarian cancer:

"The Nude Lunch is a charity fundraising luncheon committed to changing the story of ovarian cancer in Australia. Ovarian Cancer is considered a silent killer as it often goes undetected until too late. Nude Lunch – Ovarian Cancer Exposed aims to raise awareness about this silent killer and raise vital funds for research programs so an early detection test can be found."

Jay & Dave have spoken to Trudy a couple of times on the show, most recently chatting about The Nude Lunch and her journey with ovarian cancer.

"There's nothing to detect ovarian cancer. This is why awareness and raising funds for it is important so we can get a test to detect ovarian cancer."

Trudy was truly remarkable and made it her mission to help others and raise much-needed funds for this important cause.

"You can either lie down and feel sorry for yourself or you can be positive and get out there, make the most of it and make change", Trudy said.

"The time that I do have on earth here, I want to leave that legacy that you've made a change and to get people talking and I do feel like I've achieved some goals with that."

To continue Trudy's legacy and support those living with ovarian cancer, you can attend The Nude Lunch yourself this September in Mackay:

Date: 21st September 2018 
Time: 11am-5pm
Location: Old Mulherin Park, Mackay Marina
Tickets: $180 + Booking Fee
Theme: Masquerade

For more info, head to

On behalf of Triple M Mackay, we would like to send love and support to Trudy's family during this time. 

To hear about Trudy's amazing work through The Nude Lunch, you can listen to her chat to Jay & Dave here: