Things Not To Say To Someone Who Can't Have Children.

Just a friendly reminder.

Things Not To Say To Someone Who Can't Have Children.

My partner and I have been talking about having children for a couple of years now. It's something we both want but being a same sex couple, there are obviously steps we need to do to make that dream become a reality. We have been trying with the help of a surrogate mother. At this stage we have had no success. 

It's not just same sex couples who have to put the hard work in to have children. Some Heterosexual couples also find it challenging to fall pregnant. I have a few friends who find themselves in this situation. They are so DESPERATE to become parents, yet their bodies aren't co-operating OR there are other obstacles that are preventing it from happening. 

Just be mindful of those people who are unable to have children. While they might seem "fine" with not having kids running around and making noise at their homes, it might be the only thing for them that is missing in their life. 

Lately i have had a flurry of people say (unknowingly) to me, things that highlight the fact that kids for me and my partner, might not actually happen. 

Here are things to NOT say to someone / couples without children:

* "If It's Meant To Be, It Will Be" - Ok... I feel better now.

* "I Just Guess You're Not Ready To Have Kids" - Well that's for me / the couple to decide. 

* "The Clock Is Ticking" - No S%$# Sherlock! It's something i/we think about daily. 

* "Once You Have Children You Will Understand" - Try not being able to have kids. Then you will understand.

* "You're Able To Do What You Want Because You Don't Have Kids" - No comment. 

* "You're So Lucky That You Don't Have Kids" - No. You're so lucky that you HAVE kids. 

* "Take My Kids For A Day And You Will Change Your Mind" - No. It's not the same thing. 

* "Maybe You're Not Meant To Have Children" - Disagree. The amount of people who have children and shouldn't (The people who abuse, ignore, and not show their kids love and time) are the people who aren't meant to have kids. 

Sometimes people say things without even knowing it. I get that. I do the same thing. But next time you speak to your friends who don't have children, or your work colleagues etc, just have a think. It might not be from lack of trying. 

Jay.  :)