Leading Ideas - Farming: Old McDonald Had A Bot

An Original Podcast Series

Leading Ideas - Farming: Old McDonald Had A Bot

In the Leading Ideas Original Podcast Series, Science & Technology Journalist and Expert Dr Graham Philips speaks to Andrew Bate, the Founding Director, MD and CEO of Swarmfarm and Asher Bender from Ladybird and Data Scientist at University of Sydney, about the future of farming.

The industry of agriculture and food are one of the most hotly debated and controversial subjects when it comes to the future, especially in Australia a land known for its large number of farmers.

As the population grows, so too does our need for better farming practices and healthier food. In this episode we look at the ways farming is embracing the tech industry and creating jobs through their investments in future tech.


Leading Ideas is an Original Podcast Series, available from Triple M here.

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