Wagga's Musical Influence

The Top 5 Wagga Songs and Artists

Wagga's Musical Influence

Wagga is known as the City of Good Sports, but our contribution to music should not be overlooked.

There are a number of bands and songs with a strong local connection, so we thought we’d grab our favourite five and tell you a bit about them.

5. Sam Moran

The Wagga Wiggle rose to fame when he joined one of Australia's most successful musical exports initially in 1998, before becoming understudy to Greg Page in 2002. 

At the end of 2006 Sam officially became our Wagga Wiggle and stayed in the Yellow Skivvy for 6 years before relinquishing the role in 2012.

He still gave us classics like this though!

4. Nude Boot Scootin'

Local legend Grant Luhrs and the Chook Raffle band had the boot scooters of Australia talking in 1997 when this track came out. Recorded at Grant's Flying Fox Studios it shot straight to the top of the country charts and kicked off a craze that thankfully hasn't endured.

Legend has it that Grant still gets people sending him photos of their Nude Boot Scootin' exploits.

Maybe you can too...

3. Iva Davies

The lead singer of Flowers, and then Icehouse, Iva Davies spent a considerable amount of time in Wagga and recalls growing up "on what was then the outskirts of the town." in what he described as "a pretty basic fibro affair".

He went to Kooringal Public School for his primary education and recounts that his first musical ambition was to play the bagpipes, which he did from the age of seven under the tutelage of the Drum Major from the Wagga Pipe Band.

He went on to be successful enough to record the multi-platinum albums Icehouse and Man of Colours, and the Australian rock anthem Great Southern Land. All this due to a musical start in the city of good sports!

2. The Eurythmics

The duo behind Sweet Dreams, Love is a stranger, and Here Comes the Rain Again can't possibly have a Wagga connection can they ?

Of course they can. They were in Wagga with their previous band, The Tourists, in the late 70s when they found out that one of their band members was ill. While sitting in a hotel room in the city by the 'bidgee they decided to become a duo and The Eurhythmics were formed.

Dave Stewart detailed the experience in an interview a couple of years ago(you can hear it here at about the 9 minute mark)

75 million records later and still going strong, it wouldn't have come about if not for a trip to the Riverina.

1. The Morning of My Life

In the 1960s the Bee Gees made an unscheduled stop in Wagga when their Kombi Van broke down. 

While here they stayed at the PCYC and Barry was inspired to write The Morning of My Life. As well as The Bee Gees, the song has been recorded by legendary artists such as Vera Lynn and Nina Simone.

And it all started due to a dodgy Kombi and Wagga's PCYC!

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