What To Do If Confronted With A Scammer?

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What To Do If Confronted With A Scammer?

Acting Consumer Protection Commissioner David Hillyard spoke to Lisa and Pete to give some sage advice about what to do if you suspect a caller is trying to scam you or someone you know.

This all in light of the recent news about a new scam targeting the elderly, trying to convince them to buy fake iTunes vouchers.

Here's what Dave says


"Know that none of the government agencies work this way... I'm a public servant, I'm not going to ring you up and start threatening you with warrants and arrests if you haven't paid a debt, it's not the way the government works, so anytime that starts happening, just hang up..."

- David Hillyard


Dave's chat in full is well worth a listen.


Lisa and Pete were so p*ssed off about this they recorded a video.

Written by: @dantheinternut

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