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Join Brett Marley across Hobart on Triple M! G'day! This is MARLS… or as some people call me “MILES”… or even “MALES”…. To confuse it even more Mum called me …BRETT A long time ago in a Housing Department lounge room in Chigwell… I got a tape recorder for Christmas and I guess some would say that was the start of the whole Journey. I would record and interview anything that moved…… Even the stuff that didn’t. Time went on and technology changed to the point where I could record songs off the radio. I vowed If I was ever one of those blokes on the radio, I wouldn’t talk over the end of the songs... sadly I didn’t live up to that vow. In July 1977 (the 4th to be accurate), I entered the “wonderful world of wireless” And it's got me to this point today… how many bullets have I dodged?? Over 50 years living in Hobart, growing up in the burbs, I know just about everyone. And everyone’s grandparents…. These days, I drive Hobart home with the most music delivered anywhere In the TRIPLE M Rush Hour; I should know where I'm going too, including the short cuts, I’ve been doing this for over 40 years. I also keep tabs on what’s going on around the place. But the biggest thing with the Triple M Rush Hour, I don’t smother it in talk or ads, we just kick back and play our favourite song. The Triple M Rush Hour: 2-4 WEEKDAYS in 2018 Oh and the Greatest Hits between 12-2pm.. {just to keep me off the streets} Catch ya, Hobart MARLS

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