Without Darius, Broncos Can Still Win

Corey Parker opens up on the Broncos

Without Darius, Broncos Can Still Win Photo: Darius Boys / Getty Images

Brisbane Broncos legend Corey Parker believes even without Darius Boyd the Broncos still have enough quality to get past the Panthers in Friday night's do-or-die Semi-Final. 

Speaking this morning to Marto, Robin and special guest Lawrence Mooney, the Premiership winning player says the team are prepared for the finals with or without Darius. 

"The team have actually had to prepare as if he wasn't playing and they still have a team that can do a job," Parker said.

Parker did admit the Broncos were extremely disappointed with their performance last week. 

"From a club standard and individually, there was a lot of guys that weren't proud of anything," Parker said. 

"There's a lot at stake now - there's different vibe that I've felt this week compared to what I saw last week."

Despite the disappointing loss to the Roosters in last week's Qualifying Final, Parker said the Broncos are ready and fired up for the rest of the finals campaign. 

"I expect a very, very different performance by the guys tomorrow night," Parker said.  

"Everything moving forward is now elimination and there's a huge challenge at hand but one that everyone is very excited for."  

Listen to the full interview at the 40 minute mark.