Catch-up with Every Interview from the Coffs Harbour Boat Ramp Now!

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Catch-up with Every Interview from the Coffs Harbour Boat Ramp Now!

G'day Moffee here. This week we've been chatting to you about the issues with our Coffs Harbour Boat Ramp.

After a weekend of dramas over the Easter Long Weekend, something needed to be said. We needed to start talking more about it. So we did.

First we spoke with Peter Ross about his concerns.

At the time, we didn't realize just how far it would go.

Never before have I received so much correspondence about one single issue.

Next we got in contact with Rach. He family went out for what was meant to be a great day on the water. It didn't end up that way though.

She shared her story about their terrifying experience using the Coffs Harbour Boat Ramp over the weekend.

While the Coffs Harbour boat ramp is classed as 'Crown Land', the Coffs Harbour City Council are responsible for it's day to day maintenance. So we tracked down Mick Raby from Council for a chat.

Locals had plenty to say about the chat.

On the same day, we caught up with Andrew Fraser, the Member for Coffs Harbour. He mentioned the funding given to Council to fix the groin in 2015. But what happened to the work?

Meet Glenn. We spoke to him on Thursday morning about his day out on the water.

On Good Friday, they put the boat in at the Coffs Harbour Ramp, only to have it end badly for his son.

On the way back in, they ran into trouble due to the inefficiencies of the boat ramp. Glenn's 13 year old boy was knocked to the ground. It was with such a hard hit that it saw him left with cuts and bruises and landing just inches from hitting his head on an ice box.

He still has back pain.

So what impact does this ramp have on local business. Council's Mick Raby said 'half a million dollars a year'.

But, Dale Johnson from MOTackle said they believe it is much more when we spoke to him on Friday morning.

So where do we go to from here?

On Friday morning, I wrote via email to George Cecato. Not only is George the Deputy Mayor of Coffs Harbour, but is also the President of the Coffs Harbour Chamber of Commerce.

After coming off air on Friday morning, we received a call from George regarding his plan on behalf of the Chamber.

Let's hope that together, we can make a difference and get the issues with the Coffs Harbour Boat Ramp fixed so then we can all benefit.