Could This Man Be Our New King?

American Man Claiming the Throne

Could This Man Be Our New King?

An American man is claiming that he will claim the British Throne from Queen Elizabeth.

Allan V. Evans, or should that be future King Allan, placed an ad in The Times newspaper stating his intention to launch a bid for Buckingham Palace.

In 30 days time, Mr Evans from Wheat Ridge, Colorado will start his bid saying that he is a direct descendant of a royal Welsh bloodline dating back to the third century.

Watch out Prince William or Charles, there now could be some stiff competition.

On a more considerate note though, the man has pointed out that he will wait until the Queen is no longer with us to take the throne “out of greatest and most-deepest respect”.

The Attorney General’s Office said they had not yet received any claim from Mr Evans.

Turns out that in 2012 a man, also called Allan V Evans from Wheat Ridge, Colorado, tried to claim 400 acres of land in Twiggs County, Georgia, USA, claiming that his ancestors lived there, only all his evidence was destroyed in a county courthouse fire in 1901.

Triple M attempted to contact Mr Evans for comment, however we are yet to get a response, he is possible already practicing on the throne.