Elton's Surprise Concert

See the video here

Elton's Surprise Concert

It's amazing how technology can take you on a journey.

For me, two things often do that, the Internet and Youtube.

It still amazes me what you can watch, discover or learn on a quiet night relaxing.  The fact that one minute you could be watching a video of a cat chasing a ball of wool, then next minute, travelling through the London Underground and discovering the history of those tunnels.

Yesterday I came across a video where Elton John had surprised bystanders at a busy London Train Station with a quick concert.

It happened in early 2016 around the release of his new album, when Elton donated a piano to the Kings Cross/St. Pancras Station for everyone to enjoy.

It's not until you watch the video that you realise just how many iconic songs Elton John has.