Give Me 5 For Kids

Give Me 5 For Kids

June is Give Me 5 For Kids month on Triple M where we raise much needed funds for vital equipment at the Children's Ward at the Coffs Harbour Health Campus.

All money raised locally stay's locally and goes towards the items on our wishlist.

This June we are raising money for the following items:

Masimo Radical Sleep Study Monitor.

This monitor is used in analysis and diagnosis of sleep-disordered breathing, and is vitally important in enabling clinicians to treat sleep apnea in children.

Price - $14,000

2 x Specialist Paediatric Cots.

These cots are specialist medical beds purpose built for young paediatric patients. They are fully adjustable so medical staff can easily attend to a child by elevating the bed. The cots are also fitted with attachments to support medical equipment and IV lines. 

Price - $3,668.50 each.

4 x Parent Pull Out Chairs (2 for Maternity and 2 for Paediatrics)

These chairs convert into sofa beds for parents who want to stay with their child in hospital, or partners wanting to stay with mothers during labour.

Price - $3, 250 each.

Paediatric Hip Spica Table

The pediatric hip spica table eases the treatment of pediatric fractures and dislocations. It is specifically tailored for child-care specialists, such as pediatric hip surgery. It is adjustable, efficient and user-friendly providing stability and maneuverability while applying a hip spica cast. A hip spica is a type of plaster that covers both legs from the ankles up to the level of the belly button. This type of plaster cast is used to prevent movement after hip surgery or fractures to the femur, allowing the area to heal.

Price - $6,200.